Corporate Advisory

Instilling best practice

Our corporate and commercial services are centred around best operative procedures spanning accounting and due diligence, employment and human resource administration, banking and routine fiscal, statutory and back-office administrative procedures.



Our accounting and tax professionals have a broad and complete service offering that encompasses the full financial spectrum of accounting standards and regulatory requirements. Our services are comprehensively broad and span most requirements from day-to-day transactions to consolidated reports and quarterly/year-end services for companies and groups. Our services also include requirements for new business activities and acquisitions.


In today’s corporate environment, the opening and managing bank accounts is a complex and time-consuming process. Heavy regulation, especially when dealing internationally, requires comprehensive due diligence documentation in order to comply with Anti Money Laundering requirements. The GoldenPeaks financial services team takes the lead in opening new accounts and banking relationships. We are expert in handling multiple bank accounts while maintaining an overview of transactions involved across all accounts for all companies within a Group.


GoldenPeaks Capital Services also maintains Group companies in good standing whilst ensuring they abide to all legal and obligatory requirements including, but not limited to, the provision of officers, company maintenance and back office. We also maintain the company’s books, tax compliance and bank account administration.

We undertake tax accounting, the preparation and timely submission of corporate income tax and VAT returns for Group companies and also application for tax refunds where applicable.
Our Corporate Advisory services include the following across multiple jurisdictions:
New business & acquisition
including due diligence procedures, legislative, banking, fiscal set-up

Full fiscal & accounting services
from day-to-day granular, to forecasting and periodic reports and returns

Structural compliance & maintenance
Corporate and cross-group, including HR, IT and professional requirements

Consolidation & issuing of inter-corporate results
for Board and other stakeholders

Executive assistance services
ranging from task to project-focused support