About Us

All-encompassing expertise

GoldenPeaks Capital, and its associated businesses, have over 40 years experience in entrepreneurial excellence around the world. Underscoring our exceptional performance record is an internal legal, fiscal and best practice infrastructure which is applied to all our businesses.

“Our processes and disciplines are to the core of everything we consistently achieve at GoldenPeaks. Speed and agility is synonymous with us, and our in-house expertise allows us to deliver with unrivalled thoroughness and efficiency.”
Adriano Agosti Chairman

What we do

Known for actionable insights and clear solutions in Accounting, Tax & Legal, we serve our group companies in the renewable energy sector. The quality and integrity of the services we provide consistently demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Our Approach

Our professionals are focused on creating long-term relationships founded on trust. We deliver tangible results by gaining deep understanding and combining this knowledge with our long-time expertise and innovative thinking.